Project Six - Round 4 (Falun,Sweden)

As some of you know we are writing our debut-album these days, and a part of the writing process is to record the songs we make, in other words; do pre-production of the songs. This months agenda for Project Six was to do a live recording in studio. Here is my blog about it...

It was time to go to Sweden again, this time to record a  brand new song. We got there and met up with our producers in the studio. The studio was in a really bigass school...a school for musicians and media students, so it was actually 3 studios and a lot of rooms for video-recording. Lucky bastards that got into this school! Anyway, we had 2 days on us to record one song, and it went good! We recorded the song live in studio but without vocal because Jo was sick and didn`t have any voice left.  PS. We are going to record the rest of the song late this month in another studio.

So that is 1 more song in the bag. It feels great....Really looking forward to get done with all the songs we plan to have on the album!

Here is some pictures from the trip:







Project Six - Round 3 (Falun,Sweden)


Hello there people!

This is Nils checking in from shraphouse, trying to keep you updated on what's going on with Shraphead and Project Six these days. Nowadays, the Shraphead is just lurking around in its cavern, composing heavy metal, and things are beginning to sound good! This weekend (april, 17-18) we went to Falun, Sweden to attend a new Project Six workshop. This time around, the theme was live-show. Since this is a big part of the fun, we really looked forward to it.

There were four geared up guys who left Magnor by the crack of noon friday, in a packed Seat Ibiza. Space was a non-excisting thing, but with a cup of coffee and "Rockin' in the free world" on the car stereo, it was all okay.

We arrived Falun just in time to check in to the hotel, go to the venue and check out the stage. We soon found out that there were no soundcheck, and nothing really happend untill a couple of hours later, so we decided to go back to the hotel, and head into the sauna. Later in the evening, we were introduced to Simon Füllemann from Metal Blade records, who talked a little about how Metal Blade works, and how to approach the label if you are a band with ambitions. The local band Thalamus, who is also a part of project six, entered the stage around 8.00 P.M. and they really set the groove for the evening. They were followed by our norwegian brethren in To Cast A Shadow, and later on The Generals. After that, we entered the stage. Even though there was a tough crowd, and the monitoring were bad, we played a good show, and had a great time. After we walked of stage, we wen't to get some beer, and watched Cavalince and Renegade Five do their stuff on stage.





Saturday morning we got up early (me at least), the reason being a lack of space on the hotelroom, since we'd experienced a sudden growth of amount of people during the night. Me, William and Mohamed decided to go get some breakfast, and then we headed down in the jacuzzi for a bath, and a really awkward photoshoot. The rest of the day, we got live coaching, based on the multi-angle videoshots from friday evenings gig. First we got a few advices from Kenneth Lewis from Waterfall Records, then we had a chat with Simon from Metal Blade. Then it was time to head home, six people and a shitload of luggage stuffed in to the same Seat Ibiza. It was a long trip back home, I can tell you. But we came home a littlebit wiser, and we had a lot to talk about on the four hour drive.






Keep on rockin' in the free world, we'll keep you updated.


Project Six; Falun tommorow!


Just stopping by to let al of you know that we really look forward to the next stop on Project Six, wich is in Falun (SWEDEN) tommorow. It`s going to be killer. So folks; if you happen to be in Falun tommorow night, make sure to come down to check us out! We`re going to write all about it here so stop by any time soon.

Peace and løøøv.

Project Six - Round 2 (Hamar, Norway)

Project Six @ Hamar 28.03.2009
Tema : Image-bygging og Band as a Brand
My name is Joe Johnsrud, and I sing and play rhythm guitar in Shraphead.


I woke up 9 in the morning, and was really tired, of course it was my turn to drive.

We got the band together, and drove off to Hamar. And got there just in time, 12:25pm.  It was an old ass hotel. Real classy!   Me and the guys were really looking forward to learn some important stuff about "band as a brand". 
When the event started, we were introduced to Peter Klapproth from Pirate Smile in Germany. It was Peter, Agnete from Animal Alpha and Erlend Gjerde from Indie Recordings who was in charge of the seminar. As mentioned earlier, what we were about to learn, was basically how to make a strong brand out of our band. Everything from marketing, taking professional press-photos and basically how to stand out as a band and make it interesting. Things we know that will be extremely useful for us.



After the conferance it was time to eat! The food was great. And everyone seemed to enjoy each others company, which is also a great part of this project. Basically a great bunch of guys! I had a cold, so after the dinner, I went straight to bed and passed out early. The other guys just kept on drinking and had a great night! The next morning, we took our farewells and drove out to get some fast food breakfast, as we got up way to late to catch the hotel breakfast. We had a good and safe drive home. And it was kinda hard falling to sleep that night, considering all the information going through my brain.
The whole thing was a great experience and we went home with tons of ideas and inspiration! And our network of great contacts continues to grow!

Until next time.. Take care.

Project Six - Round 1 (Karlstad, Sweden)

Hello! Hope everything is well with you all. My name is Mohamed and I play drums in the band Shraphead. Last weekend  we where in Karlstad (Sweden) where Project Six took it first step! Here we go;

We started the day in our hometown by rehearsing our live-setlist a couple of times before we started the trip to Sweden. We had been looking forward to this trip, so the car contained 4 pretty excitedreadyashellhappy guys. When we arrived in Karlstad we checked into our hotelrooms and headed over to the venue where we had our first workshop with Håkon Persson (P3 Rock, Sweden).  Håkon taught us a lot about how the major radio stations work with bands and artists. How they choose the music, why they choose it, and so on. Some of the subjects even turned into discoussions that were really interesting. After the workshop we were pretty ready for some cold beer and some metal bands on the stage. 

At the workshop with Håkon Persson


 Agnete Maria Forfang Kjolsrud from Animal Alpha

Erlend Gjerde from Indie Recordings (also one of my favorite drummers!)

Jo with Per Nylin from Renegade 5

I liked the bands that played that night, To cast a Shadow from Norway were pretty good, but they weren`t too lucky with the sound, I also liked Cavalince`s clean-singer (as I would like to call it), he had a great voice and some nice vocal lines! We didn`t get to see Renegade 5 (but I heard they had a kickass show) because we were soooo hungry and had to eat some healthy food (which ended up being some junkiejunk food at Burger King).

To Cast a Shadow from Norway kick`n some butts!

On Saturday me and William woke up pretty early to catch the hotel-breakfast, we couldn`t start the day in a better way; some colorful sandwiches and some tasty orange juice (William drank so much orange juice that his last glass didn`t contain any orange). After the breakfast we went to a local guitar store and checked out some nice guitars and basses, I also visited the drumstore; Slagverkskompaniet which is a big drumstore in Sweden.

This is supposed to be ORANGEjuice

Breakfast for champions!



After our little shop trip it was time to do workshops! The main subject of the workshops was media training. We had 6 workshops during the day and they all worked out great, you could easily tell that most of the people we talked to had been in this business for a long time. We appreciated all the workshops so much because it`s not every day you get the chance to talk directly to the "big people" and have open discussions about what`s good and bad about your band. After the workshops we had our soundcheck, we ended up with a pretty good sound so we looked forward to kick some ass. We discovered that we had forgot to burn our live-intro on a cd-r so we had to drive outside the city to a shoppingmall to buy cdr's. On our way an angry cop stopped us on the highway. I was pretty sure that I was going to get a ticket because I drove 20 km over the limit, but the only thing he wanted to see was my license, and when he had seen it, he quickly said something into his walkie-talkie and drove off. So my theory is that they were looking for a maroc-kind-of-looking guy with Norwegians car signs. But lucikly it wasn`t me he was after...


Bad quality on the drawing, but you get the idea?

Well, later that night we had a blast! The show turned out GREAT and it was awesome to celebrate with all the people afterwards. For more photos of the concert please visit our myspace site. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment :)

Nonono! Not before show! All fingers off...

Photo: Henrik Hedman

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